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ambulatory surgery center
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Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen TX

Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen, Texas

Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen TX

Advanced pain treatments are performed by pain management specialists at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen, located near Austin, Texas. Here, patients receive compassionate and effective care for all kinds of conditions that cause pain. If you are dealing with low back pain, neck pain, or nerve pain, you owe it to yourself to try pain medicine.

Our pain doctors are dedicated to understanding what causes your pain and how it affects your life. We deal with chronic pain from injuries and diseases, including cancer pain and nerve damage. A qualified pain doctor will utilize a variety of tests to pinpoint the source of pain, such as nerve blocks and discograms.

Once the doctor has a complete understanding of your pain condition, treatment can begin, which may include one or more interventional or minimally invasive procedures. If you have swelling and stiffness in the joints of your spine, you may receive a steroid injection to reduce inflammation. If you suffer from severe chronic back pain, you may be a candidate for spinal cord stimulation. We treat patients on a case-by-case basis, because no two people have the same tolerance for pain.

If you haven’t tried pain medicine yet, give our doctors a call. We perform hundreds of interventional treatments and minimally invasive procedures each year, so you can trust in our experience.

For an appointment with one of our pain specialists at the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen, please call (512) 485-7200, or call the surgery center at (254) 415-7673.

This is to inform that Dr. Mehta has a financial interest in the Ambulatory Surgery Center of Killeen, LLC. You are free to choose any facility obtaining services that are ordered for you. Our staff will be happy to discuss alternatives with you.

Certified pain medicine physicians in Killeen just north of Austin, TX providing solutions for chronic pain, phantom limb pain, post surgical pain, pain from cancer, joint pain and problems from disc herniation, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, sciatica, migraine, fracture or joint replacement. Whether your pain is from an auto accident, job related injury, sports injury or other chronic orthopedic condition, our Austin pain relief specialists can help. Our doctors provide pain medication management, nerve blocks, steroid injections, spinal cord stimulator, intrathecal pump and other interventional pain management procedures.